November 17, 2016

AgTech Innovation Arena: Ready, Set, Pitch!


Six agtech start-up companies (all of whom are developing innovative solutions to agriculture’s most pressing challenges) competed in the Innovation Arena II where they “pitched” their ideas and technologies to a panel of judges and the audience for the coveted prize of a complimentary one-year membership with Western Growers and an opportunity to work with the WG Center for Innovation & Technology in Salinas, CA. When all the votes were tallied, Trace Genomics (Audience’s Choice winner) and Agralogics (Judge’s Choice winner) took home the prizes.

Trace Genomics: Trace Genomics has launched a genetic test for soil microbes to give growers an unprecedented look into the biology of their soil. Trace Genomics makes it easy for any grower to send in a soil sample and, within just a few weeks, receive an actionable report on both beneficial and harmful microbes that are found in the sample. The information provided by the Trace Genomics test provides the foundational knowledge that enables growers to evaluate their soils for disease pressures, microbial diversity indices that are associated with soil health and resilience, and efficacy of various cultural practices and soil amendment products.

Agralogics: Agralogics offers a collaboration management platform that allows growers to easily access and share information about the food they grow. Through SaaS-based applications and services, Agralogics provides farmers with detailed analytics about their crops – information about everything from weather, thermal energy, soil quality, pollination and more.

Watch the livestreamed video of the Innovation Arena on the Western Growers Facebook to see all the action. For more information, read the official Innovation Arena press release or visit the WG Center for Innovation & Technology website.