August 9, 2023

Are You an AgTech Startup Looking for a Mentor?

The AgTech Startup Mentor List now has 29 people (and counting!) ready, willing, and able to help you scale your startup efforts in key areas like product, strategy, fundraising and go-to market.

AgTech Startup Mentor List

1) If you are looking for someone in a specific area, you can review the listings, reach out to the mentors that could be a fit and make contact to get a conversation started.

2) If you know mentors who would benefit from being on the mentor list and would help other startups, please send the link to them so they can add themself to the list (request access and they can create their row).

Future goals for me are:

1) Make the search process easy for startups. I want to make the list as easy to get through via search as possible. This will probably mean a few more user-selected fields so startups can search by field instead of full text.

2) Help startups understand which mentors are working with startups in certain areas and how they evaluate the work without introducing gaming incentives.

3) Help mentors understand how many people are looking at their listing (since it’s a Google doc, no page view data on each mentor in the list). This will be one of the likely incentives to get mentors to convert from a viewer of the list to adding a mentor entry.

As always, I’m open for feedback and questions at [email protected].