January 23, 2018

Attract the Best Employees in Agriculture with WG Compensation Survey

To attract the top talent in the agriculture industry, it is critical to know how you measure up against employers competing for that same talent. Western Growers is offering members an important tool to help recruit and retain outstanding employees, make key budgeting decisions and plan a competitive total rewards strategy.

Western Growers 2018 Professional Compensation and HR Practices Survey collects data to provide members with crucial information needed to keep compensation competitive—and your participation this year is needed! Every WG member who participates in the surveys will receive these valuable results at no cost (a $2,000 value). Your participation also qualifies you for a chance to win an Apple MacBook Air.

This year’s survey will include:

  • New data for 14 additional plant/office and field worker positions.
  • Details for 84 roles across your entire organization, including executive, sales, marketing, plant, office and field jobs.
  • Compensation and HR practices for over 20 categories, including base pay, health plan coverage, incentive programs, and merit increases.

This is the only compensation survey specific to the California and Arizona specialty crop industry. Participate in this year’s survey by April 16, 2018, for free access to the results report. (The previous deadline was March 31, 2018.)

How the Surveys Works

Each year, Western Growers collects data in two surveys: the Professional Compensation Survey and the HR Practices Survey.

Professional Compensation Survey: collects base pay and variable (bonus) salary data for professional positions in the specialty crop industry. We use an independent, certified compensation specialist to protect the confidentiality of your data.

HR Practices Survey: collects information for performance appraisals, merit increases/merit budgets, bonus/incentive programs, austerity programs, health plan offerings, paid time off and more.


For more information about this year’s survey, watch the video below.


Contact Fran Mueseler at (818) 324-0035 or Karen Timmins at (949) 885-2295 for questions.