January 5, 2016

Crop Insurance Final Sales Dates Approaching – Protect Yourself from El Nino

As the El Nino rains begin to intensify, growers may want to consider purchasing crop insurance to protect against the potential for flooding, freezing and other weather related perils.

Crop insurance can provide protection for many weather caused losses. Since the federal government subsidizes some of the cost of crop insurance, it has become very affordable for most growers. Growers can purchase crop insurance for different levels of coverage upwards to 85% of the value of the crop. Growers can determine what level of coverage is appropriate for their own situations, but it can be a very prudent expenditure to protect the value of your crops. Western Growers Insurance Services has a very experienced crop insurance team. If you’d like to find out more about crop insurance, contact Greg Nelson at (949) 885-2287, for more details. 

Applications for crop insurance are very short and easy to complete, but they must be submitted by the following closing dates to be eligible for the program:

January 31

  • Tomatoes- Processing  
  • Tomatoes- Fresh Market  
  • Apples  
  • Apricots  
  • Cherries  
  • Grapes  
  • Nectarines
  • Olives  
  • Pears  
  • Pecans  
  • Plums  
  • Prunes  
  • Table Grapes  
  • Walnuts

February 28

  • Figs  
  • Cotton/ELS Cotton  
  • Corn  
  • Rice  
  • Dry Beans  
  • Sorghum Milo (Grain Sorghum)

 March 15

  • Mint