September 13, 2016

DWR Closes First SGMA Basin Boundary Modification Period

Last week, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced the first Basin Boundary Modification request period is now closed and that the final 2016 modifications will be published online in late September. The boundaries of California’s basins are identified in Bulletin 118, unless other basin boundaries are established through Basin Boundary Modification Requests.

Basin boundaries are an essential component to (Sustainable Groundwater Management Act) SGMA implementation as it allows local agencies to provide qualified scientific information to better define basins, and where appropriate, jurisdictional information leading to an increased likelihood of groundwater sustainability. Western Growers continues to encourage members to be an active participant in all phases of the program in their local areas.

Key dates for Basin Boundary Modifications moving forward are:

  • Final Basin Boundary Modifications will be published online – September 2016
  • Interim Update of Bulletin 118 reflecting modifications published – Fall 2016
  • Next submission period for Basin Boundary Modifications Requests – 2018

For more information regarding California’s groundwater basins please visit the Basin Boundary Modifications webpage.

For more information about applying for Facilitation Support Services, please view the Information for Applicants and Supplemental Information for SGMA Implementation. To discuss applications for Facilitation Support Services, please contact your DWR Region Office Representative:

For more, information on SGMA please contact WGs’ Gail Delihant at (916) 446-1435.