October 31, 2023

F3 Coalition Promotes Agtech Adoption by Growers

The Fresno-Merced Future of Food Innovation (F3) – the recipient of a $65.1 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration for workforce development – brought growers and stakeholders together this week to drill on down on what agtech skills and certifications growers need in the Central Valley workforce.

Western Growers is a supporter of the F3 grant, and several members and WGCIT residents participated in roundtables at the Oct. 30 event at the Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant. Speakers included:

  • Dennis Donohue, Executive Director, Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology
  • Neill Callis, Turlock Fruit Company
  • Joe Del Bosque, Del Bosque Farms
  • Cesar Guillen, HMC Farms
  • Drew Ketelsen, HMC Farms
  • Chris, Thiesen, Burro Robotics
  • Jose Aguilar, LahakX Drones

Other supporting entities at the event included West Hills College and UCANR. More information about the F3 grant can be found here.