July 24, 2023

FIRA USA Brings Ag Robotics Leaders to Salinas in September 2023

On Sept. 19-21, 2023, the second FIRA USA event will draw 2,000 growers, investors and innovators to the Salinas Sports Complex for panel discussions and in-field robotic demonstrations. FIRA USA will also welcome agricultural VIPs CDFA Secretary Karen Ross, California State Senator John Laird and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources VP Glenda Humiston.

Panel topics at FIRA include:

Ag Robots: How do you know when robots are ready to start working in your fields?

Things you should know before you decide to buy an agtech automation solution

Automation: Does safety meet regulation’s expectations?

Data Rush, the new Gold Rush?

Manufacturing and distributing together to scale up

How can robot convert farmers’ instincts into data?

From weed control to picking and harvesting robots, FIRA USA will be the place to get the latest advances in terms of automation for farming. With over 20 demos and 35 robots on display, manufacturers from all around the world will showcase their solutions to tackle the labor and environmental challenges faced by farmers today.

Info and registrations to FIRA USA 2023: www.fira-usa.com