June 14, 2023

Planning an AgTech Field Demo? #agtechfielddemos

AgTech startups – we encourage you to use the hashtag #agtechfielddemos when you post your field demos online. It allows growers to easily identify all the AgTech field demos in their area on any given week. You can use it globally since users who search can be located anywhere.

Please share this post and the hashtag with folks in ag and AgTech so we can get the usage to continue to increase. As of June 13, the search result is at a new high – the hashtag has appeared in 14 posts in the last month. I will probably get a little bit excited when we hit 32 in a month because that will mean we are at more than one per day. That will happen as we get more startups doing demos and using the hashtag.

On the grower side, we are starting to promote the use of the hashtag in emails to WG members, many of whom are prospective viewers of the demos and potentially customers for AgTech automation solutions. I don’t actually know (yet) how to track usage of hashtags by searchers, but I’m going to work on that with some of our social media gurus at Western Growers (oh, yes, we have gurus!).

For now, 14 posts with the hashtag is the current record for the latest month. Let’s shoot for more than 20 next week if we can. I’m no mathematician, but I believe that would be 50% growth week-over-week.