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February 4, 2021

Register Now For Upcoming Western Growers University Courses

Training sessions are rapidly approaching, but there is still time to register and secure your spot with our experts. Whether you are a Western Growers member or non-member, we encourage you to explore our customized educational offerings to catapult your business to the next level.

Registration is open for a VARIETY of courses, both English and Spanish, and are offered in the following formats:

  • Public Webinars: Join your fellow WGU participants in a live training.
  • E-Learning: Complete your training at your own pace.
  • Private Webinars: Schedule specific time with our subject matter experts to train alongside your colleagues.

Click here to learn more about Western Growers University’s course catalog. To reserve your spot for future training sessions, please contact [email protected], or simply call/text inquires directly to (949) 439-9740.

 Upcoming Courses


Navigating Through Change &
Managing Transformation Effectively*


9:00-10:30 A.M.

90 minutes


Coaching Employee Performance Effectively*


9:00-10:30 A.M.

90 minutes

More Guidance

Unsure about which courses you should take in order to comply with industry standards? Contact Anna Bilderbach, Western Growers Learning and Development Manager, to analyze your training needs and provide you with expert guidance and develop an effective learning program.