November 30, 2020

Social Media Toolkit Now Available for WG Women

Participants of the WG Women program now have access to a social media toolkit, which contains information and resources helpful for amplifying one’s social media presence and message.

This free toolkit contains the following:

  • ready-to-use videos and graphics
  • sample posts
  • best practices for all social media platforms
  • post ideas – from the office or field!
  • recordings from past social media workshops/tutorials
  • suggested hashtags and users to follow

By downloading and accessing the toolbox, WG Women will be set up for social media success. WG Women can CLICK HERE to access the social media toolbox.

Not a WG Women? Become one today and receive access to mentoring and leadership development opportunities. Western Growers believes that women are essential to the future of agriculture, and the WG Women prepares women for positions of leadership within WG member companies and the broader fresh produce industry. Click here to apply and learn more about the WG Women program.