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January 13, 2015

Stay Ahead of the Curve — Participate in the 2015 Professional Compensation and HR Practices Survey

Do you know how your company’s wages and benefits stack up against other companies in the area? Are you keeping up with trends to attract and keep the best employees? To stay competitive, we encourage you to participate in the WG Professional Compensation and HR Practices Survey.

How It Works

Each year, Western Growers collects base pay and variable (bonus) salary data for professional positions in the specialty crop industry. We use an independent, certified compensation specialist to protect the confidentiality of your data – no one at Western Growers sees your company’s information. Data is collected for the following types of positions:

  • Executive level
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Logistics, Food Safety
  • Plant/Office/Field

The HR Practices survey collects information for performance appraisals, merit increases/merit budgets, bonus/incentive programs, austerity programs, health plan offerings, paid time off and more.

Why Your Company Needs to Participate

Data specific to the regional ag industry lets you compare your company’s salary and benefits with other companies in the industry to ensure your competitiveness. The survey results serve as a benchmark guide for budgeting for employee expenses, allowing you to recruit and retain the best talent.

This is the sixth year Western Growers has collected this data, and each year participation has grown. If 100 companies complete the process this year, the survey results will include a list of participant companies. (Of course, as always, each company’s data will be protected and presented only in the aggregate).

Plus, participants receive complimentary results for the surveys in which they participate. Non-participating members may purchase the compensation survey results.

Sign up today!

If you have questions, contact Karen Timmins at 949.885.2295.