September 7, 2021

Updates on Special Permit on Increased Weight Limits for Transportation of Ag Products

The California Department of Transportation has announced two changes of relevance for Western Growers members in regards to the special permit on increased weight limits for the transportation of agricultural products.

The special permit, which increases the maximum overweight total up to 88,000 pounds for transportation of certain agricultural products, will now include ALL “perishable agricultural products.” Additionally, the timeframe for the special permits has been extended to December 31, 2021, or 60 days from the date of permit issuance.

To obtain a permit, click here and scroll down to the “to apply” section.

Please note that the temporary permit only applies to state highways and does not apply to overweight trucks transporting agricultural goods on Interstates and local roads. Overweight trucks transporting agricultural products will have to get permits from local jurisdictions to travel on local roads. 

The California Trucking Association suggests contacting WCS Permits and Pilot Cars to obtain local permits for transportation on local roads by email at [email protected] or by phone at 888-737-6488.