August 7, 2019

WG AgTech Center Reaches 58 Startups, 40 Sponsors

Since opening its doors in December 2015, the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology (WGCIT) has taken significant steps to accelerate the development of agricultural technologies. The Center currently houses 58 agtech start-up companies, which are supported by 40 generous sponsors.

The Center welcomed more than 10 new startups in 2019 including the following:

  • Solare Holdings
  • Novihum
  • FreshBox Farms
  • PowWow
  • KipTraq
  • Agrosmart
  • Croptracker
  • American Robotics
  • Full Harvest
  • T Lab Solutions
  • NAIO Technologies

As part of residency at the Center, startups are invited to participate in exclusive events and activities – such as Grower Days, Forbes AgTech Summit, Voices of the Valley Podcast, AgTechx and the Grower Trial Network—where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to meet growers and receive one-on-one feedback on their technologies. Additionally, WGCIT startups are featured on the recently launch AgTech Innovation Directory, where the companies have the ability to connect directly with growers and potential clients, as well as provide venture capitalists with the opportunity to explore a startup’s progress prior to investing.

The Center’s activities would not be possible without the support of its sponsors. Most recently, ag and tech giants including Driscoll’s, Grimmway Farms, SunWorld, Ready Pac Foods/Bonduelle Fresh Americas, Bosch, AeroVironment, Rava Ranches, Inc., RDO Equipment Company and Bayer CropScience joined the cadre of WGCIT sponsors that are leading the effort to help these startups bring their technologies from development to market.  

For more information, please contact Hank Giclas or Dennis Donohue.