September 8, 2020

Western Growers Transportation Program Delivers New Supply Chain Solutions

The Western Growers Transportation Program (WGTP) is an exclusive benefit for our Western Growers members. Through C.H. Robinson, this personalized program meets the needs of the most challenging supply chains, providing high quality service coupled with the latest logistical technology to optimize distribution patterns and lower delivered costs.

For more than a decade, the WGTP has offered turnkey supply chain solutions to its member shippers. These best in class services include truckload, LTL, intermodal, refrigerated warehousing and forward distribution. Shippers receive access to national surge capacity, guaranteed customized pricing options, transportation performance analytics and individual account management. By enabling shippers to realize improved logistics efficiency through management of spend, carrier performance and market risk, the WGTP is a unique member benefit that provides a substantial competitive advantage.

C.H. Robinson has recently introduced Navisphere 2.0 to the WGTP. This technology platform incorporates features uniquely suited to small and mid-sized shippers. These features include:

•   See and manage their shipments

•   Request rate quotes

•   Book and track loads

•   View and print documents, including bills of lading, proofs of delivery, weight tickets and inspection reports

•   Manage accounts payable

•   Generate customized transportation performance and expense reports

To assist in launching Navisphere 2.0, Western Growers is excited to welcome John Stenderup back to the Western Growers Transportation Program. John began his career at C.H. Robinson’s Monterey, CA office in 2008 as a Transportation Sales Representative, specializing in produce, and was instrumental in the early success of the WGTP program. He grew up on the family farm in Arvin, CA. and is no stranger to the challenges shippers face in a volatile transportation market.

As many know, John is famously known for conquering Mount Everest and many other exciting adventures.

With John’s integration back into the program, he will continue to work with members on supply chain development, providing guidance and insight regarding how to improve cold chain efficiency, transportation management and technology solutions using Navisphere 2.0

To develop or expand your individual logistics program, and learn more about Navisphere 2.0 contact John Stenderup, the WGTP Account Manager at 831-333-5821 and [email protected] or visit