March 1, 2023

WGCIT Sponsor: Netafim USA -Technology Today to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems

Netafim USA has a clear mission: Advance the agricultural industry and help farmers. Navigating challenges like rising input costs, water scarcity and labor shortages is a daily reality for growers, and Netafim has set out to not only remedy strains on production but to increase yields with less. As the world leader in drip irrigation technology, Netafim supplies many industries with smart irrigation technologies to assist growers with their sustainable farming.

“Innovation in precision irrigation solutions helps farmers adopt more sustainable practices and tackle some of the most pressing external issues that threaten their livelihoods,” said Mike Hemman, President and CEO of Netafim USA. “We continue to further develop our digital farming solutions to help farmers monitor, analyze and automate their irrigation from anywhere. If data strengthens decision-making, partnerships and collaborations strengthen the industry.”

An ever-pressing pain point for agriculture is the availability and regulation of water. “To alleviate our water challenges,” Hemman said, “we need to focus on efficiency. With little water, how can we keep growing crops and feed the population? Technology can help to solve this challenge.”

Many growers are turning to drip irrigation technology as a component to an overall solution to drought management. Netafim USA’s objective is to create systems and tools to prioritize the application of technology by efficiently managing irrigation practices. Growing more product with less water does more than create a proactive system to navigate a tightening water supply, it also helps to better utilize land resources.

“Farmland is a limited resource that continues to dwindle. It’s up to farmers to invest in the land available to us, making it as productive as possible as we face growing demands from an ever-increasing population,” Hemman said.

For those who are looking to start integrating more of Netafim’s products to help with resource management, Hemman shared that initial moves for implementation don’t have to be big or sweeping: “Start now and in small steps. Innovation in your company does not always have to be a breakthrough technology. It’s important to continuously evaluate new ways of getting the job done. There are almost always novel and valuable variations to your current business model that can help differentiate your business.”

Technological advancements are a means to adapt to changes in resources and workforce, and the more options available to growers allows for more agility in a system. More and more growers are utilizing technology to reach sustainability metrics, and establishing systems now allows for maneuverability around future challenges.

Netafim USA is looking ahead at ways to continue to assist growers reducing water consumption, reducing labor costs, increasing production yield and making the best use of space.

An often-unsung accomplishment of the agricultural community is how open and capable it is of adopting new ways of conducting business, and Hemman makes a point to recognize the work that has already been done. “As professionals in agriculture, it’s important that we take the time to step back and be proud of the work we’re doing. We should strive to advocate for sustainability and regenerative farming practices as we advance in our careers,” he said.

Netafim USA offers a range of products tailored to work best with different varieties of crops. Visit for more information about available technologies, and click here to learn more about Western Growers’ Innovation initiatives.