August 12, 2021

New Pre-Harvest Product Testing Guidance Now Available; Upcoming Webinar!

Over the past months, Western Growers (WG) has dedicated time and resources to update pre-harvest product testing guidance for leafy greens operations, otherwise known as “Appendix C of the LGMA-approved metrics.” Today, August 12, 2021, WG posted a revised version of Appendix C. Click here to access this document.

These guidelines are founded on the best available science for designing and executing a robust sampling and testing plan. Widely known fresh produce scientists and industry food safety leaders contributed to the revision of this document.

On September 1, 2021, WG will be hosting an introductory webinar to provide an overview of changes within this industry guidance. Save the Date!

WG has historically led the development and updating of guidance documents for the fresh produce industry. WG will continually update this guidance document as science and data provide additional insights and current knowledge gaps are addressed. Please reach out to WG’s Science team at [email protected] with any comments about the revised version of Appendix C and/or to be considered in the next review process of this document.